Jaysalee Roque


Tumblr Tuesday: Pride Month
A belated Tumblr Tuesday to celebrate today’s Supreme Court ruling supporting marriage equality.
Human Rights CampaignFollow the countdown to the Supreme Court’s decision in the fight for marriage equality.
NYC PrideRun by Heritage of Pride, NYC Pride is your one stop shop for LGBTQ news of past and present. Those who are based in NYC are given information on how to volunteer for the next Pride event based in the city.
Queer TipsMusings and an aggregation of information of the LGBTQ lifestyle, be it sex ed, health, political activism or art. Get educated!
F Yeah BisexualityA blog giving praise to the bisexual community? F Yeah, for sure!
Fuck Yeah Lesbian LiteratureA great way to find novels other works of literature that feature a strong, gay, female lead.
image courtesy Jon Lynn, MarcJacobs.tumblr.com
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